Serving sparkling reds

How do you serve your sparkling reds? In a champagne flute? Most people do.

Well, we like to serve them in a red wine glass.

The original Champagne glass was wide & shallow (supposedly modelled on Marie Antoinette’s breast), but this fell out of fashion in favour of the narrow flute because the larger surface area does cause the wine to lose it’s gas more quickly.

However, with full bodied, complex sparkling reds like we make, a larger surface area allows the aromas to be fully appreciated.  And they really don’t go flat that quickly.

If you do serve sparkling reds in red wine glasses, there are 2 things to note:

– don’t put do much in the glass. You can always have a refill, and this will refresh the bubbles.

– this is one occasion where you should not swirl the glass! It will make the wine go flat quicker, and it is not necessary. With still wines we swirl them to draw air in which lifts the aromatics. The bubbles coming up through a sparkling wine lift the aromatics as well, so really, all swirling is doing is making it flat.

Sparkling reds go particulary well with gamey meats, but also try one with roast pork (with crackling) or after dinner with cheeses.


Anderson sparkling wines


About andersonwinery

Father & daughter winemakers specialising in small batch, premium wines, including traditionally made sparkling wines & full bodied reds.
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