2001 Pinot noir Chardonnay

Don’t you love it when a mistake turns into something great?

We were cleaning up the back room a few months ago and discovered this bin of 2001 Pinot noir Chardonnay we thought we’d long sold out of. Oops!

Hoping it was still ok, we opened a bottle and had a taste. Yep – it’s more than ok!

And being a traditional method sparkling wine, the best thing is that it has been sitting there all that time with the yeast sediment in the bottle. This keeps it fresh, while adding more complexity and creaminess. Without the yeast in there, it would probably be old and tired and no good.

So, we went ahead and removed the yeast sediment (we do this all by hand and so the whole process of turning the bottles to accumulate the sediment in the neck takes a couple of months).  And now it’s ready for you to enjoy!  We’ll be featuring it at our capital city dinners throughout 2014, but it is also available to buy from our Cellar door or online –



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About andersonwinery

Father & daughter winemakers specialising in small batch, premium wines, including traditionally made sparkling wines & full bodied reds.
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