Disgorging Sparkling Muscat

A short video showing how we take the yeast out of all our sparkling wines using the traditional Champagne method.

This is our brand new early picked Muscat sparkling. Yum!!

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Winter is here

It may only be the 4th of June, but Winter has already made itself at home in Rutherglen and we’ve made a start at pruning.  A full half the days in May were sub zero starts, and we’ve had some ripper frosts already. But winter can be a glorious season in Rutherglen. Sure, the days that are drizzly and don’t make 10 degrees are a bit of a chore (and you’ll find me inside with a bowl of soup).  But we are blessed with a good number of clear, sunny days. They start cold and frosty, but the clear blue sky & sunshine, and fresh country air make it feel pleasant even if it’s not much more than 10 degrees.

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